IUEA Director Hassan Alwi (C) with World Boxing Federation All Africa Heavy weight champion Shafik Kiwanuka (L) and coach Abdul Tebazalwa (R) at press briefing welcoming back Kiwanuka from Tazania. PHOTO BY Kinthan Images

IUEA gives hope to sportsmen

The future of sportsmen in education is bright.

This is after the International University of East Africa (IUEA) director Hassan Alwi assured them of more scholarships besides their talent development.

Alwi disclosed this on Tuesday, October 19, 2021, at a press briefing held at the University Campus in Kasanga.

Kampala Centrol Mayor and Uganda Professional Boxing Commision presdident Salimu Uhuru gives Shafik Kiwanuka sh1m at IUEA in Kasanga.Looking on is coach Abdul Tebazalwa and UPBC Treasurer MAUREEN Mulangira. PHOTO Kithan Images

“We are proud of Shafik Kiwanuka who is a student of our institution. We offered him a full scholarship and we are going to give out more in sports when we complete our facility in Kasanga,” Alwi noted.

“We shall invest in sports including rugby, athletics, basketball, boxing, and Martial Arts. All those scholarships will be on merit,” He added.

IUEA director Hassan Alwi (R)with Shafik Kiwanuka (C) and UPBC vice president Abbey Mugayi. Kinthan Images

Meanwhile, Kiwanuka the World Boxing Federation All-Africa Heavyweight Champion is optimistic he will floor his opponent, Chris Thomson of South Africa if a rematch is organised.

The two drew in a non-title fight held in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.


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