USPA president Patrick Kanyomozi hands over ashirt to the Assiciation founder Fred ssekito (L) at Imperial Royale Hotel. PHOTO BY JOHNSON WERE

USPA Media Awards are back

Former Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA) chairman Andrew Patrick Luwandagga, Kevin Aliro, and senior photographer JB Ssenkubuge are some of the fallen members that shall recognised in the USPA Media Excellence Awards this year.

The awards last held two decades ago under the brand Journalist of the year award has been rebranded to “The USPA Media Excellence Awards” effective this year.

The USPA Journalists’ Awards were last held in December 2000 at hotel Africana and members have been yearning for them since then.

The 2021 edition promises to be bigger and better, with the awards meant to appreciate the services of both fallen and present members of the Association.

USPA President Patrick Kanyomozi noted that the awards will be annual and eight categories have been listed.

“As a sports journalists’ association, we are committed to improving the standards of our members in the country. Thus, the awards are a great opportunity for sports journalists to showcase their work and also be recognised for their exceptional efforts,” Kanyomozi said.

Some of the categories have been named after departed journalists who enormously contributed to the field.

Among the fallen colleagues are Kevin Aliro, Samuel Wosita, JB Ssenkubuge, and former association chairman Andrew Patrick Luwandagga.

He added that submission of entries will be open in November and the awards gala supported by Nile Special is expected to take place in December


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