By Barbra Namanyi

Men’s netball league results

International 54 SMASH 42

WOB 46 Prisons 44

KU 44 Redstars 39

Prisons 81 Mubende 18

KU 50 SMASH 27

Men’s debate excited fans on November 20, 2021, with many asking for more games.

Uganda netball Federations secretary Amina Mande noted that there will be more games for men because they help to raise the standard of umpires.

Mande noted this after the Redstar verses Kampala University men’s game in the National netball league that ended 44-39 in favour of Kampala University at Uganda Prisons Luzira.

“The men’s games are very fast and this calls for referees to be fit if they are to manage them well,” Mande said

“Male teams are always bullies and you have to be bold on your decisions to manage such games. So, they help umpires improve in all sectors,” Mande added.

In the other games played, WOB beat Prisons 46-44 but later Prisons smashed Mubende 81-18 while international defeated Smash 54-42.

The league continues on Saturday with more games.


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