Muhammad Bwete in action during the Boxing Day Sprint in Busiika.

The Boxing Day Champions Sprint in Busiika Luwero district has always been an exciting one for the fans and that is what it was this year.

It all started with a record turn-up of 56 crews and later a mammoth crowd that felt the 30-acre space by 11 am to witness motocross. This big turn up of fans also boosted the income of the organisers and the same was the vendors.

Unlike the previous events affected by the morning heavy rains, this time the weather was very conducive only for the dust which the organisers watered down.

The perfect pairing of the drivers, Suzan Muwonge vs Fred Kitaka, Ponsiano Lwakataka versus the Tanzanian, Speed Masters John Karumuna Consta vs Duncan Kikankane Mubiru and Ronald Sebuguzi vs Yasin Nasser gave the fans value for their money.

The crews exhibited stiff competition and skills that excited fans giving them maximum entertainment.

The invitation of the foreign crews from Tanzania added a competitive and entertaining dimension to the event giving Uganda fans a new menu in the sport.

Rally driver John Consta in action during the Boxing Day in Busiika

However, the return of female rally driver Suzan ‘Super Lady’ Muwonge was more exciting to the fans than anyone.

Navigated by her chief mechanic Fred Wapamba the Subaru Impreza 12B managed to come eighth overall in the 56crew event.

However, the safety of the event was wanting, and the appointment authority should consider certain qualifications when selecting the human resources in the various departments.

The conduct of CRO Hamza Lwanga is still wanting to handle competitors who are in a stressful sport.

The lack of clear park ferme was a violation of the sport’s code as fans could freely access it and interact with crew which also creates safety issues.

In an event with tens of thousands of fans, less than 26 safety marshals were deployed, however, the distance between the track and the fans was not the required distance.

This created safety matters resulting in stopping the event after only a run.

This negligence that leads to stopping events halfway creates mistrust among the fans who feel cheated of their money.

Time management remains an issue in motorsport and must be addressed before the 2024 season.End. 

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