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In 2019 while ending his first term of office, Bob Trubish was suspended as president, and an interim committee was set to manage the Pool Association of Uganda (PAU) affairs.

He was later elected for the second term of office in 2021 now his nomination for a third term office has been questioned.

However, on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, the board of trustees wrote the executive directing them to disqualify Trubish and extend the annual Assembly to February 24, 2024.

According to Farouk Wamala, the board of trustee chairman, Article 11.5 of the PAU constitution permits a person to stay in office for only two consecutive terms that he has served.

Trubish was elected in the 2017 and 2019 assemblies. This means that he has consecutively served his two terms of office and is not eligible for another term.

The board further requested that nominations for the elections set for January 27, 2024, be postponed to February 24.

The trustees further directed the executive to reduce the nomination fees to an affordable fee by members to sh100,000-sh200,000 from the sh250,000=, Sh500000= and sh1m for ladies, men, and president seats respectively.

However, Bob Trubish is unhappy with the Trustees’ decision and has questioned their mandate.

In his disregard of the letter, he asked,” One question that must be answered also is does the Board of Trustees even have this mandate as they have written in their letter as per the Constitution? Time will tell.”


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